The Difference

You will not find a crowded clinic with an in-and-out mentality.

What you will find is a head to toe analysis from your running shoes to your posture. We are a studio model devoted to each client on a personal, one-on-one basis. We will integrate movements with functional exercises and incorporate the injured joint along with the core muscles and the rest of the body… as it works in real life.

We will never ask you to work with an assistant.
We won’t simply watch you go through a set of exercises.

Our job is to work on what you cannot do at home.

The manual treatments will break adhesions and ‘knots’ caused by repetitive use to allow your muscles and joints freedom of movement. You will be amazed how quickly you can free yourself from pain and have the knowledge necessary to keep the dysfunction from returning. You will return to your sport quickly and efficiently.



We provide only one-on-one sessions with a highly trained and experienced therapist to make sure you recover quickly to get back to what you love. From back pain to sports injuries, we treat all orthopedic injury.

Dash Physical Therapy is a studio based intimate setting for optimal recovery committed to appreciating your time and situation.

The Team

Marisa specifically chose the path of her education to give her extraordinary understanding of athletic injury on and off the field.

Marisa R. D’Adamo



Duke University Masters Degree (MS, PT)
Columbia University Athletic Training Degree (ATC)
Board Certification in Sports Physical Therapy (SCS)

After graduating University of Florida in exercise science at the top of her class, she worked with orthopaedic surgeons at Duke and beyond including clinical, field, surgical, research and cadaver work. She is now one of a dozen or so therapists in the state of New York to have a board certification in sports.

To better understand competition, she has run several marathons, dozens of half marathons, several half-Ironman triathlons, and is also an Ironman.

She Has Worked With:

  • NYC Marathon, International, Elite and Olympic marathon runners
  • The US Women’s National Soccer Team
  • Ironman and Millrose Games
  • NYC triathlon/paratriathletes and the NYC Marathon medical teams
  • Columbia University football and basketball teams
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Kevin Fay

Office Manager

Kevin grew up dancing at Joy of Motion Dance Center in Bethesda, Maryland. After moving to Chicago to attend Northwestern University, Kevin continued dancing at both Northwestern and The Ruth Page Foundation School of Dance, where he performed with Larry Long & Dolores Lipinski’s Civic Ballet of Chicago.

Since leaving Chicago, Kevin has danced with The Dayton Ballet in Ohio, Dana Tai Soon Burgess & Company in Washington, D.C., and Daniele Desnoyers at Springboard Dance Montreal. Now, he rehearses and performs around New York City with Jin Ju Song-Begin, Douglas Dunn & Dancers, Michael Mao Dance Company, and Heidi Latsky Dance. As a dancer, he values health and wellness more than anything.

Dan Rofe


An avid hockey player for years, Daniel Rofe decided early on to parlay his love of performance enhancement and injury avoidance/treatment into a medical career. After graduating with a doctorate of physical therapy, Dan went on to perform clinical work at both the Cornell Weill Medical Center at New York city’s prestigious Presbyterian Hospital and has worked in sports therapy for several years.

Having a keen interest in orthopedics, wellness and nutrition, he has long been a proponent of melding the three to achieve overall fitness. He believes that patient education is key and that long-term health and vitality comes from empowering the
individual with the right information. To that end, Daniel actively partners with his patients, providing an individualized regimen that stresses the return of full physical function through proper movement techniques and exercises.

“There’s a right and a wrong way to move,” he likes to say, “and I’m here to make sure that my clients stay injury free and (if injured) help them heal in the quickest, most effective way possible.”

Danielle De Maio, LMT

Sports Massage Therapist
Fascial / Structural Bodywork

For the past ten years, Danielle has been helping athletes, dancers, type-A New Yorkers, and people from all walks of life learn about their bodies and recover from injuries through therapeutic massage. As a former gymnast, field hockey player and Division 1, Atlantic 10 Rower, she understands the delicate balance between performance and rehabilitation that every active person must come to know within themselves. She is not only eager to help her clients with hands on work, but also to educate them about how to live with more mobility and less pain. Danielle has traveled all over the US studying Structural Integration  for the last three years.



Therapy &

All services are in one-on-one sessions.
They are generally covered by most insurance plans on an out-of-network basis.


In addition to PT services, you may be eligible for the following services for ONLY A COPAY




Running biomechanical analysis


Personal training


Home electric stimulation unit


Complete running shoe analysis


Marathon / Tri-Training & Rehab


Flexibility & Maintenance


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