New to running? Or just want to run more efficiently?

New to running? Or just want to run more efficiently?

This new series is for you! It is also for:

1. First time runners

2. Runners at a 10 min mile pace or slower

3. Runners who have taken a break from running and returning at paces above 10 minute mile

4. Injured runners coming back from pain

5. Current runners wanting to get faster, more efficient or get injured less


Running is something likely none of us were ‘taught’ to do. If we wanted to pole vault or play tennis we would probably seek guidance. Not so with running. We just go out and do whatever comes natural. The problem is, whatever comes natural is not correct. That means your form is not correct. Your biomechanics are not correct. Thus your chance of injury is high.

Leaning how to run is essential for longevity of running and also staying pain free in the short term.
In this series we will tackle small points incrementally to help you learn how to run right. This means you will learn to run biomechanically correct and efficient…to keep you from pain, keep you from doing harm to your joints (and also to improve your speed and efficiency!).
So stay tuned for more content on what to work on!