NYC Marathon: Preventing Injury Now and Race Day

NYC Marathon: Preventing Injury Now and Race Day

Its GO time for the NYC Marathon. Here are 10 tips to help you avoid injury and make it to the start line!

1. Test out clothing on long runs: you need to get your body/skin for seams and fabrics from your clothing

This will:
A. decrease your chance of blisters, chafing, discomfort
B. Prepare you and your body mentally

-have a warm weather outfit
-have a cold weather outfit
-have a rain plan for both
-accessories that fit and are comfortable (fanny pack/sunglasses/gloves/hat/compression socks etc)

2. Test out your nutrition plan.

This will keep you from gastric distress, tripping/falling, and injuries/cramping etc.

Test timing of eating/drinking via your race plan: fluids and foods

3. No new stuff

No new workout types: don’t start cross fit, etc

No new races: don’t do a mud run, etc

No new events: watch for things like high heels and weddings/dancing/drinking etc

No new volunteering: don’t do manual volunteering like Habitat for Humanity

Try to keep work load, amount of time sitting or traveling or driving the same if possible

Don’t start a new stretching or strength program. If it’s not broke don’t fix it.

4. However if you do have an injury currently, seek help now.

Don’t let it fester. At this point the longest runs are coming up so not only are new injuries likely, old ones are likely to worsen and put you over the edge of not racing at all.

5. Don’t increase or decrease your plan from what is documented. (Ie. If you are sick or away talk to your coach about making up a run or not.)

6. Change sneakers NOW.

You cannot change without a few long runs in those shoes. Change shoes slowly.

7. Stop strength training a few weeks before, but maintain your program now.

Keep it relatively the same.

8. Rest more, recover more, eat better.

Remember recovery is just as important as training, especially at this point. Start taking care of yourself even if you normally don’t. More baths, more sitting still, naps. Less socially.

9. If you feel something on a run, stop. Immediately.

Address the issue with a professional or ice and rest. Fix it before returning. You can’t afford to run through pain at this point (not that you ever should!)

10. Respect the taper. Enjoy it.

Expect to feel awful. Lower your activity level even if it’s the subway stairs and not standing at a bar or on a line.

You likely will feel horrible. That’s normal.

You will feel more tired on a 3 mile run than your 18 miler. This is normal. Don’t stress.

If you do more because you are worried, you will likely get hurt.

You might also get sick. See a doctor and keep your vitamins and rest high.

*The goal is to keep everything in your life as steady as possible. The body and joints do not like change! Listen to these tips and you will be closer to keeping yourself injury free for the big day!